There is a never ending association between Vastu Shastra and Astrology. Together they are known as astro-vastu. To comprehend this, let us look at an instance, where the number “1” is placed after another “1”, we call it as 11. However, when we deduct the number “1” from the other “1”, we get the result “0”. The underlying idea behind the above example is to let you know that combining both Astrology and Vastu Shastra together, makes it more powerful. In the event that a person has built an architecture, be it a commercial or residential, as per the principles of Vastu Shastra and is going through astrologically favored period, the effect of their combination would be several times more than individual.

The principles of Vastu Shastra aims at establishing a great balance between human and the five elements of nature, that is, earth, water, space, air and fire. In the event that the one achieves success in establishing the perfect balance, they will get the advantage of positive energies in terms of health, wealth, comforts and prosperity.

Whereas, Astrology is the study of planets and their positions. According to astrology, the position of planets, when an individual was born, have an impact on their lives, both positive and negative impact.

In large number of instances, it has been noticed that, some individuals,shifting from one house to another new house due to some Vastu defects present in the previous one ends up again selecting a new house with Vastu defects. Such instances, indicates that, there is some sort of flaws in our horoscope, and this is the reason why we are ending up in a non-Vastu compliant house again and again. This also implies that we get houses based on the position of planets in our horoscope.

The working of Astro-Vastu analysis relies on 3 main factors, which is, on the horoscope of an individual, principles of Vastu Shastra, and at last, but not the least, on the auspicious time, often called as “Muhurata”.

The science of astro-vastu says that every direction has a varied impact on varied individuals. For instance, the direction east, is generally the most profitable direction, however, the same would not applicable for the individuals born with Capricorn ascendant. In the same way, the direction North-East is known to be the best direction for the purpose of storing grains, however, for individuals born with Libra Moon sign, it might not be beneficial.