You must have come across a great degree of individuals who asks, “What’s there in name?” However, with respect to Numerology, there are much more things associated with a name that general population would not be able to understand easily. The game of numbers holds a new meaning. With the end goal to be at the number 1, you must have the right numbers in your name. Are you aware of the fact that every alphabets holds a numeric value, and the total of the same must be in harmony with the date of your birth in order to live a prosperous life? This is where, the role of Numerology comes into the play.

Numerology is all about the study of numbers. Just like Astrology, which works on the principal of the impact that the planets have on human lives, numerology too works in the similar way. One of the best proofs that numbers controls our lives is that two kids born to the same group of parents and goes through the same upbringing, however, with varied dates of birth possesses varied set of characters. The reason behind the difference in character is the different birth dates as well as the different names by which they are known.

Numerology can make a great impact on the lives of human beings, both professionally and personally. Applying the principles of Numerology has been also proved to be very useful in commercial sector. This is the underlying reason behind the increasing demand of numerologist all across the nation.

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