Vastu Shastra is an age-old Indian science of architecture and placing things rightly in order to maintain a well balance between the five elements of nature, that is, Earth, fire, water, space, and air and human beings. If applied properly, Vastu Shastra can assist one in making the most out of their space. The term Vastu Shastra is derived from Sanskrit. The word Vastu implies space and Shastra implies study.

Vastu Shastra revolves around attracting wide array of energies present in the environment, such as, solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy, and that’s just the beginning. In the event that these energies are in balanced condition, it can uplift the level of peace, prosperity and success in your life. In the event that you implement the principles of Vastu Shastra while designing your home, it will enable you to enjoy all the happiness in life. However, in the event that your home is against Vastu Shastra, it can give rise to several sort of issues, worries and no peace.

Being the leading Vastu Consultant in India, we are going to provide you with couple of home design tips as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. So, without wasting any time, let us have a look at them inbrief:

1. Verandah / Balcony

For relaxation, gardening, and also to let in natural air and light into a home, Verandah or balcony is a great place.It would be a great idea to locate verandah or balcony in the north or north east direction. You can make use of some plants, such as, basil, natural flowers and such decorative plants for freshness. Placing these plants in the north east direction can help plants to get sunlight and air.

2. Prayer Room

Prayer room, commonly known as puja room, is the most sacred one in any home. This the room that sends positive energies to other rooms in a home. Hence, it is imperative to locate prayer room in the center and around the living room. Make sure to put the idols in the east, north-west direction. Opt for light colors, such as, yellow, blue and white shades to paint your prayer room.

3. Living Room

We often welcome our guests (both with positive and negative energies) in the living room. It is an area where guests or even members of a family can sit and enjoy a movie together on television, or do any other activities. Since it is a living room and different visitors sit in it, it is vulnerable to negative energies. Hence, the most suitable location to build a living room is the north direction.